Baanto International Issued First Patent

First Patent Covers the Basic ShadowSense Sensor Architecture and Operation for 2D and 3D sensing.

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.–(BUSINESS WIRE)—Baanto International Ltd. (“Baanto”) announced today the issuance of its first United States patent .

“This is the first issued patent in a series of pending patent applications that makes claims in connection with our ShadowSense position sensing technology.  ShadowSense is the basis for Baanto’s touchscreen products where it has proven to be one of the most scalable, high performance, and cost effective touch technologies ever developed.”

United States Patent No. 8,405,824 is for the fundamental ShadowSense sensor architecture and its operation for both 2 and 3 dimensional position sensing.

The patent covers the topology and basic operating principles of the ShadowSense position detection technology.   It also includes some of the underlying algorithmic approaches which allow Baanto to efficiently implement the position determination processes in a low cost microcontroller.

“The award of our first patent is strategically important for Baanto,” said Joe Kotas, President of Baanto. “As a foundational patent it establishes the unique nature of our intellectual property and validates the technology approach Baanto has taken in the touchscreen market,” he said.  “Interactivity and the use of touch screens has become a requirement in almost every market segment that uses display technology.  We anticipate that the performance, durability, reliability, and cost effectiveness of ShadowSense will result in Baanto becoming the dominant touch solution in many of these market segments.”

Baanto currently has over 20 touchscreen products based on the ShadowSense architecture.  Ranging in size from 8” to over 266”, Baanto’s multi-user, multi-touch touchscreens have been validated by multiple tier one customers in market segments ranging from embedded OEM applications such as kiosks and industrial vehicles, to medical monitors and ultra-large video walls.

“Over the last three years, Baanto has filed numerous patent applications in the United States and internationally covering multiple aspects of our technology and we intend to aggressively pursue this strategy moving forward.” said Av Utukuri, Baanto Founder and CTO.  “Unlike other touch technologies where patents are being filed on incremental changes to preexisting and dated implementations, the ShadowSense approach has opened up entirely new and unique solutions to position detection and touchscreen implementations.  We believe that as the inventors of ShadowSense, we will be able to establish a strong and pervasive IP position moving forward.”

About Baanto

Baanto International Ltd. is a leading developer of innovative, high performance, and accurate multi-user, multi-touch solutions.  Baanto is developing products incorporating both active and passive implementations of its technologies for touchscreens and interactive white boards in sizes ranging from 8” to over 266”. Baanto has a direct and partner presence in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, enabling it to provide its customers with proven technical and sales support worldwide.

Baanto™ and ShadowSense™ are trademarks of Baanto International Limited.

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