Baanto Joins rBoard Alliance

Toronto, Canada – May 26 2020 ; Baanto is pleased to announce that it is joining the rBoard alliance, defined by software company Vizetto, creators of Reactiv SUITE. The rBoard alliance is a group of companies that share a common commitment to bringing the highest standards and user experience to the interactive white board and remote work market.

Baanto’s ShadowSense™ PRO touch technology is world renowned for high performance interactive solutions.  This technology offers superior performance, accuracy and speed to any high end IWB product. ShadowSense is uniquely able to provide a writing experience that is as close to traditional “pen on paper” as you can get. In addition, its advanced features made ShadowSense the obvious ideal partner for integration with Vizetto’s Reactiv SUITE. Features which include:

  • A unique remote keyboard capability, which allows everyone in the room to use their personal devices to contribute dynamically to a brainstorming session, type passwords and enter information securely, directly from their seat. No more need to stand at the screen to enter such information.
  • Complete OSD menu and control integration with Reactiv SUITE. You can change brightness, contrast, colour saturation and more, directly from the app using the touchscreen. No more scrambling to find the remote control.
  • IoT and sensor integration via ShadowSense PRO GPIO registers, for example a motion detector. This allows for occupancy detection and advanced security. If motion close to the screen is not detected, we can hide the screen and content, or even auto log-out and close the session.
  • Using advanced algorithms, ShadowSense PRO can help Reactiv SUITE to dramatically reduce latency and increase performance over any comparable product on the market.

In addition to the fast response time, high accuracy, immunity to ambient light changes, palm and false touch rejection of current product, Baanto continues to research and innovate its products, pushing the boundaries of the technology and expanding capabilities in the market space.

“rBoard certification will bring together world-class providers of leading-edge technology and guarantee a hardware product standard that will provide optimal performance for the Reactiv ecosystem,” remarked Anthony Gussin, head of North American Sales for Baanto. “ShadowSense ideally supports the exacting requirements of the rBoard solution, and we are proud to be part of this advanced product”.

“Reactiv SUITE is the only fully integrated remote creativity platform designed to help organizations execute more efficient meetings, better collaboration, and capture decisions around a digital table” said Av Utukuri, CEO of Vizetto. “To ensure the highest hardware quality and performance across various suppliers Vizetto has created a hardware certification standard called rBoard, and we are very pleased to welcome ShadowSense to the family.  We believe that the deep integration of ShadowSense technology into Reactiv SUITE will not only dramatically improve performance but facilitate user adoption by simplifying complex workflows”.

About Vizetto Inc.

Vizetto is a Canadian software company and is the developer of Reactiv SUITE.  This software eco-system re-imagines how people will present content, engages with passive audiences in order to convert them into active participants and enables teamwork from anyone, anywhere.

About Baanto International

Baanto International Ltd. is a Canadian company that was established in 2009 to continue to push the boundaries of touch interactivity. Since its inception, Baanto has been granted 27 patents and has filed over 76 more. Baanto has launched several industry-leading solutions using ShadowSense technology.

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