Baanto Reveals Next Generation of ShadowSense Touch Technology

ShadowSense Pro is an evolution in touch and pen performance

Baanto International Ltd. announced today the launch of the next generation of their ShadowSenseTM touch technology for adding multi-touch and inking capabilities to large sized displays used in corporate conferencing, education and digital signage applications.

The new ShadowSense Pro marks a milestone in Baanto’s widely adopted touch technology. The touch frame is now 25 percent thinner than the previous generation while incorporating more of Baanto’s patented ShadowSensors. Along with an increase in processing power, the new architecture improves upon ShadowSense’s industry leading performance features, providing ultra-low latency and highly accurate shape and size detection. The hardware enhancements also pave the way for an expansion in the number of touch points and pen inputs that are detectable simultaneously.

The reduction in the overall height of the frame has the added benefit of lowering the optical plane so that it sits directly on the glass surface. This results in an exceptional inking experience as the smallest movements of a pen tip as it is lifted from the writing surface are detected with precision and accuracy. ShadowSense Pro can even track the quick movements and short strokes typically found in logographic writing systems such as Japanese and Chinese. When combined with the reduction in latency, this provides an inking experience that feels as natural as writing on a standard dry erase whiteboard.

“The demand for a high performing, responsive and reliable touch interface is increasing as the market for touchscreens in workplaces and classrooms expands”, said Avanindra Utukuri, CEO and CTO of Baanto. “Baanto has become a leader in touch technology, allowing us to form relationships with globally recognized companies such as Ricoh, NEC and Panasonic. These valued partnerships have given us insight into the challenges faced by users wanting to adopt touchscreens in their places of work and study. The simplicity and familiarity of writing on a traditional whiteboard has made it very difficult to supplant as the centerpiece of the boardroom. We believe that with the release of ShadowSense Pro we’ve closed the gap tremendously and will continue to make strides towards advancing interactive whiteboards and flat panel displays until they’re the new standard for presenting, collaborating and communicating.”

Improvements to ShadowSense Pro extend beyond just touch performance with a new control interface that provides integrators with the ability to create custom hot keys. Touching user defined areas within the frame can now control a display’s power, volume, input source; or communicate with external control systems for managing devices such as projectors, lights and blinds. Customization is done using our proprietary Dashboard – a powerful software application that provides users with the ability to easily configure the behavior of all ShadowSense powered products.

In addition to the new touch hardware, a redesigned pen and eraser have been released to complement ShadowSense Pro. Both have been engineered to provide improved ergonomics and aesthetics, while maintaining the qualities that make them attractive to users such as their passive design – no batteries, charging or wireless pairing are required.

ShadowSense Pro will be showcased for the first time at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2018 (Stand 11-B110) from February 6-9. For more information about ShadowSense Pro visit

About Baanto

Baanto International Ltd. is a leading developer of innovative, high performance and cost-effective touch sensing solutions. Baanto develops products incorporating both active and passive implementations of its ShadowSense technology for touchscreens in sizes ranging from 8 inches to over 267 inches. ShadowSense is protected by over 23 patents internationally. Baanto has both direct and partner presence in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, enabling it to provide its customers with unrivaled technical and sales support worldwide. Visit for further information.

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