Display Alliance interviews Baanto about Touch Technology in the Display Industry

(Display Alliance Friday, August 24, 2012) 

Many thanks to Joe Kotas, CEO of Baanto (www.baanto.com) and Kevin Lee, Baanto’s EMEA Sales and Applications Support Manager, for taking the time to speak to Display Alliance about touch technology in the display industry. You can read a little more about Joe and Kevin at the end of the interview. Display Alliance is published by Mass Integrated, Inc, a global display distributor. We supply LCD display panels for Digital Signage, Industrial, Military, Medical, End-of-life, Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP), Laptops, and more. Call ore email Jason for sourcing and purchasing: (978)465-6190 ext. 585 or jcardona@massintegrated.com.

DA: How do you see the touch display industry right now? Where is it and where is it going?

The Touch Industry Has Gone Viral

The touch industry is undergoing a seminal shift in user expectations due to the popularity and proliferation of smart phones and tablets. Quite simply, over 400 million new users of touch enabled devices are driving the industry in unexpected ways and into uncharted waters.

Although these are small sized commercial products, one key development is simply users have the expectation of touch enabled functions, in everything. The use of touch has moved from an incidental feature of a device like an ATM that you might use a few times a month to an intrinsic part of many people’s daily life. Touch is literally being used 100’s of times a day by hundreds of millions of people of every age around the world. As a result, touch is no longer an option, but a relevant and necessary feature in any device that humans interact with.

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