ESTECOM and Baanto Announce Strategic Technology Partnership, Launching Ready-to-Ship ShadowSenseTM Suite of E-Series Multi-Touch Screens

Partnership brings together advanced, multi-point touch screen display and optical 2D and 3D tracking technology for improved gesture recognition, and optical performance.

Los Angeles, Calif., SID Display Week 2011 — May 18, 2011 — ESTECOM, a leading provider of innovative LCD solutions, and Baanto International, Ltd. today announced a strategic partnership, launching the ready-to-ship, ELO compatible ShadowSense™ E-Series Suite of touchscreen solutions.

The multi-touch family of products includes 15, 17, 19 and 22 inch custom monitor configurations as well as slim form factor panel PC solutions.

Working together, ESTECOM and Baanto are delivering the ShadowSense™ multipoint touch screen solutions, giving developers of kiosk, gaming, ATM, and control and monitoring applications increased design flexibility. Developers who use the new solution will find ease in incorporating paint and photo applications.

BaantoTM ShadowSense™ E-Series touch screen integrates ESTECOM’s touch monitor technology and design tooling to create the Baanto product’s contemporary monitor design. The product is specifically geared for industrial, high-usage applications that find multi-touch functionality, display quality and reliability mission critical. The combined Baanto and ESTECOM solution offer revolutionary 2D and 3D optical tracking technology, highly accurate multi-touch performance with up to four simultaneous touch points, touch detection of objects as small as two millimetres in diameter and support for any type of input including a finger, glove, credit card, pen and stylus.

The ESTECOM ShadowSense Touch Monitor complements Baanto’s technology to deliver highly responsive and accurate multi-touch and gesture recognition at costs typically associated with single-touch solutions.

“ESTECOM and Baanto have the common goal of delivering high-performance, cost-effective solutions that improve engagement for users,” said Kwansoo Sung, CEO for ESTECOM. “Together we are offering a breakthrough, game-changing solution for the touch industry that will soon replace single-touch SAW resistance, optical (camera-based) technology. We look forward to continuing to provide our

ShadowSense™ Multi-Touch Monitor with Baanto’s touch screen solutions, allowing us the opportunity to jointly add value to the widest audience of users.”

Said Baanto CEO, Joe Kotas, “Our relationship with ESTECOM provides us with a strategic advantage in the marketplace. Developers can benefit from a sleek design that is backed by the manufacturing expertise of a display technology leader — known for the quality of its customized interfaces and inputs. ESTECOM’s ShadowSense™ Touch Monitor technology gives our large display customers greater control via the multi-touch experience that is already well-known to cell phone and touchpad users.”

Other Features of ESTECOM ShadowSense Touch Monitor Suite

Previously featured at the CETW tradeshow in San Francisco this past April, the ESTECOM ShadowSense™ Touch Monitor solution offers state-of-the-art picture quality, an ultra-thin form factor and ROHS-compliant high-level controller electronics. They also support touch thickness detection, or TSense, allowing application developers to identify accidental touches, implement palm rejection algorithms and unleash new and creative touch applications.

The solutions are also calibration-free, mechanically and thermally stable and provide transparent onscreen display, plug-in-play drop-in capabilities, a response time of less than six milliseconds, no ghosting or dead zones, static object detection and rejection, the ability to function with debris on the screen, 3mm tempered glass with optical clarity, the availability of 93 and 95 percent transmissivity options and an IP65 rated front seal bezel to glass configuration.

The monitors can be operated via a single control; supports Windows® 7 and XP as well as Linux operating systems; and are mechanically compatible to systems designed for ELO 1939L. Additional features include improved environmental considerations as well as RS232 communication capabilities.

More About Baanto ShadowSense Interactive Touchscreen Technology

Baanto ShadowSense™ E-Series Touchscreens eliminate the problems associated with traditional technologies such as resistive, surface capacitive and SAW. As a perimeter based technology the sensor is independent of the protective glass, providing better durability and improved optical performance.  Virtually any object will be recognized as a touch, removing the “bare finger only”, “nothing too hard, nothing too soft”, constraints many older technologies impose. Baanto ShadowSense™ technology provides home and business users with a reliable and durable platform that features a robust multi-user, multi-touch capability at a cost-effective price point.

Baanto’s patented technology and position sensing algorithms provide high performance touch recognition and tracking of multiple objects. Tsense™, a unique and proprietary ability to determine the thickness of a touch object, allows application developers to create improved gesture recognition algorithms and applications.


Established in 1998, ESTECOM is a leader in superior interface controller electronics and complete display solutions for the LCD flat panel market place worldwide. The company’s core successes derive from its 15 years of engineering experience in developing and manufacturing AD electronics that offer the ability to create quality driven, cost-effective display solutions such as thin form factor intelligent panels, with customized engineering support that specializes in custom interface frequencies and inputs, digital signage media solutions and customized modules.

ESTECOM has developed and maintained unsurpassed quality while offering cost-effective display solutions.  All products are RoHS compliant solutions for gaming, transportation, amusement, industrial,

medical and many other core industries. The company offers engineering development services for electronics and mechanical requirements.

For more information, contact ESTECOM at or (408) 496-6723.

About Baanto

Baanto International Ltd. is a leading developer of innovative, high performance, and accurate 2D and 3D position sensing solutions. Spun out of Nytric in 2009, Baanto is developing products incorporating both active and passive implementations of its technologies for touchscreens, interactive white boards, and 3D biodynamic tracking for medical rehabilitation and sports training applications. Baanto has a direct and partner presence in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, enabling it to provide its customers with proven technical and sales support worldwide. For more information, please visit

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