Generate Buzz and Boost Your Brand Image with Digital Kiosks

Your marketing team’s goal is to increase brand recognition and trust so that they can meet your business goals of increasing sales.

Marketers know the importance of branding in each and every element of a marketing campaign. You want to create something that reflects what you do, and who you are. Your messaging is just as important as the medium that you use, but stagnant ads are no longer effective at reaching a younger, tech-oriented audience.

As such, first impressions are important. Your marketing efforts need to take advantage of the halo effect and ensure that viewers of your ad have the right reaction. Creating engaging content through a touchscreen kiosk is a surefire tactic to generate the reaction your brand is looking for.Through the integration of video, audio, gaming, or e-commerce capabilities into your digital kiosks, you’re encouraging engagement through interaction with your brand and cultivating customer inspiration that translates into a better brand image.

With the ease of technological adoption though, coupled with easy integration with existing programs and hardware with extended lifespans, the biggest investment is in the development of your campaign.

Interactive Kkiosks Generate Buzz

Highly stimulating kiosk experiences can be used as part of a larger marketing campaign, to announce a product launch, to offer specific product tips or to offer a more customized shopping experience.

Big brands have been taking advantage of the numerous possibilities that touch screen and interactive technology allows.

  • McDonalds self-serve kiosks rolled out across North America to allow customers to customize their burgers and place orders from numerous kiosks set up behind the typically long queues.
  • Nike’s streetcar pop-up shop “SNKRS XPress” was rolled out on public transit throughout Toronto, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles to coincide with the 2016 All-Star games. The personal seats featured touchscreen kiosks where visitor’s could peruse the shoe offerings and make purchases while onboard.
  • Interactive tabletops are becoming a trend in restaurants the world over. Companies like Pizza Hut are adopting these tabletops for easy ordering, complete customization, and elimination of a sometimes complicated order or slow server. Other options along these lines allow your guests to play games while they wait, learn about the origins of the food, or access newspaper apps. And yes, the screens can be waterproof and are scratch and debris-resistant.

People talk about these experiences because they inspired curiosity to people who saw them. In fact, digital advertising increases the message retention of viewers by 5 times.

Interactive Kiosks can act as an Extension of Cell Phones

According to a PwC Total Retail 2016 report, millennials are choosing online and mobile purchases over in-store purchases.

  • 30% of millennials say that their phone is quickly becoming their main purchasing tool.
  • 42% of millennials make purchases online and expect to be able to use their phone in-store.
  • Canadian millennials use their smartphone more than the global marketplace, at 50% compared to 35% globally.

Understanding this trend and using it to your advantage produces a brand image that will stand out and beat out the competition. Integrating interactive touchscreen kiosks that enable your consumers to make purchases directly from your in-store kiosk, pop-up shop, or digital advertisement mimics this self-serve mentality. Customers are increasingly not wanting to wait in line, and as much as 85% of consumers say they’ll do as much as possible to avoid the queue.

Interactive Kiosks Enhance Customer Service

Brand image isn’t just reflected in your messaging, it’s how you can prove to your customers your brand’s core values through the entire service process. By offering services that allow your employees to focus on what they’re good at (i.e. making speciality coffees or speciality burgers) and offering customers the ability to find information themselves, you’re effectively giving your customers exactly what they want in a more exciting context.

Americans spend a total of 37 billion hours waiting in line, and 88% of people say that they have given up on something if there was an expected or perceived long wait. By implementing technology that skips the queue, you’re offering a higher level of customer service than corralling them into a lineup that could potentially wrap around the store.

When you listen to what your customers want and roll out technology that meets those needs, you’re well on your way to creating a positive brand image through the use of touchscreen kiosks.

If you have some great marketing ideas that require the implementation of a digital kiosk, Baanto ShadowSense™ perimeter overlays are the perfect solution to add interactivity to any campaign. Enabling touch, swipe, and pinch controls, your customers can easily engage with your application. Get in touch today for a discussion on how touchscreens can create a memorable brand experience.  

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