Interactive Digital Signage: Solution for a Winning Retail Experience

With the ubiquity of mobile devices, rise of online shopping, and growth of social media, the retail landscape has changed dramatically. Today’s shoppers are smarter and more technology oriented than ever before. They want in-store access to product information, suggestions, promotions, ordering, and so much more.

But how do you offer these services while helping your business engage customers and increase revenue?  Many retail businesses have adopted large format digital signage displays to reach customers in entirely new ways.

Building Brand Awareness

Your brand is more than a logo—it’s a personality that represents your business’ values and philosophy. It’s what your customers respond to even before they decide to make a purchase. To build brand awareness, you have to engage customers. Cutting through all of the noise to reach your customers and build trust isn’t always an easy task, especially given the pervasiveness of print, television, as well as online advertising.

  • A study conducted by Statista found that more than 52% of U.S. millennials are looking for brands that they can trust.
  • According to a TTV marketing survey, 78% of business reported using digital signage and 50% planned to increase their digital signage budgets.

Implementing digital signage displays throughout your store is great way to engage customers and showcase your brand’s personality. It can also help you reduce costs and provides a powerful platform for targeted marketing and merchandising strategies.

Displays Aren’t Limited to Indoors

Taking advantage of all space available to you to entice your customers to come inside the store can now move to your outside space as well. With displays that are immune to sunlight and glare, your interactive outdoor display can impress passersby, enticing them to come inside. Now that your physical store has to compete with online retailers as well, having an eye and attention grabbing display gives your store the wow-factor that gets customers to come inside and find out more about your brand and products.

Instead of traditional window displays that required extensive printing, sticking to windows, and timely set-up and teardown procedures, your interactive outdoor displays work in any environment.

Immersive Video Walls

Once you have customers inside your store, enticing them to buy your products is the next challenge. Traditional in-store displays face many of the same problems as static window displays. They take up precious retail space. The displays can only feature a few products, and you can only target a very small segment of shoppers with their content, making them poor tools for sustained customer engagement and sales.

Customers like to feel as if they are making informed buying decisions, and interactive product walls are a way to engage them with targeted information and promotions that converts to more in-store sales.

  • According to a recent study, if they had to choose, 42% of retail consumers would choose to shop at a store with video displays.
  • Another study finds that 63% of people state that digital signage captivates their attention.

With interactive product walls, you can create a truly immersive shopping experience that links virtual content with the physical experience. New technologies that feature multi-touch capabilities allow you to create virtual displays that can be customized to deliver content according to a shopper’s gender, the current weather conditions, available inventory, or to highlight sales and specials. In addition, they can provide QR codes to encourage shoppers to learn more about products on their mobile devices, increasing cross channel selling opportunities.

Interactive, virtual shelving can introduce an entirely new level of cost and space savings. Less products in showrooms require less real estate required to run a shop, which in turn reflects directly on lower rents.

Digital Signage at Checkout

The waiting line leading to the point-of-sale is the last place you have to reach customers with targeted content that is educational and entertaining. It’s also the last place to interact with your customers to encourage final impulse purchases and collect valuable customer data. Rather than leave these opportunities to chance, many retailers are taking advantage of digital signage to keep customers informed, engaged, and entertained all the way through checkout.

  • According to a recent study, digital signage at checkout reduce perceived customer wait time by up to 35%.
  • According to a FedEx Office study, nearly 70% of customers have decided to purchase a product or service because a sign caught their eye.
  • According to Digital Signage Today, 80% of product brands that used digital signage experienced significant increases of as much as 32% in additional sales.

You can use digital signage at the checkout to engage customers with informational videos, carefully targeted advertising, DIY videos, and social media streams to provide entertainment and help them pass their time. Digital signage displays can also help you manage your customers’ expectations by providing information on wait times and directing the flow of customers. Finally, strategically selected videos and advertising can increase product awareness and be coordinated to promote in-line items that can drive impulse sales.

Baanto’s ShadowsSense™ technology can help you achieve increased sales and customer engagement with durable perimeter-based digital signage solutions that are scratch resistant, completely vandal proof, and that can be configured to detect touch inputs from any source, while rejecting inputs from liquid and debris. With no required drivers and the compatibility to work with all major operating systems, our touch screens offer the performance and reliability to help your customers flick, swipe, pinch, and tap their way to trusting your brand and buying your products. If you have ideas for how digital signage can enliven your retail store, get in touch with our team for more information.

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