ShadowSense™ Modular

The most versatile touch technology for displays over 100″. In the past, traditional video walls have been a difficult and costly task from shipping, to installation, through to possible replacements. ShadowSense Modular simplifies the video wall experience. SST Modular is the industry’s first and only truly Modular video wall solution. Our patented design is simple, adaptable to any size or shape, and gets rid of video wall problems of the past. No need to ship large, custom frames. ShadowSense Modular will save you time and money in all stages of the process.

The ShadowSense™ Modular Touch System

Using patented ShadowSense technology, the Modular Touch System is the industry’s first and only truly modular solution that allows frames of any size to be assembled, providing high performance multitouch capabilities to video walls composed of thin bezel displays, and LED panels.

No more costly installation and service calls. The Modular Touch System is field-installable, requiring minimal tools. The touch frame is separate from the glass so each piece can be removed and replaced without affecting the rest of the system. What’s more, with native support for all major operating systems, it really is as simple as plug and play.

Targeted at command and control, broadcast studio, museum, corporate lobby, large retail, stadium and rental applications, the Modular Touch System makes it easy and cost-effective to add a whole new dimension to your video display wall.

ShadowSense™ Modular Touch System Features

With sub-10 ms response times and sub-2 mm touch accuracy, every touchpoint is independently tracked to provide a seamless experience.

Provides an unparalleled degree of immunity to high brightness and changing light intensities, even working in direct sunlight and studio environments.

Baanto Dashboard provides immediate feedback of LED functionality allowing for quick and easy troubleshooting, as well as remote monitoring.

Components can all be assembled using just one tool. Servicing is made easy since individual pieces can be removed and replaced without disturbing the rest.

Modular structure allows the frame to scale from a basic 2×1 configuration and beyond, both cost effectively and without sacrificing performance.

Requires no drivers or touch detection applications running on the host CPU making it ideal for low power CPU’s and media players.

Sensing the size of an object permits control over what is recognized as a valid touch versus an unintentional touch, allowing for spurious touch and palm rejection.

ShadowSense™ Modular Installations

Optika Display Captivate Series
Optika’s Captivate Series, powered by ShadowSense, has already been deployed in over a dozen locations globally including Silicon Valley, Toronto, Chicago, Dayton, Kuala Lumpur, Germany and Switzerland. Premier organizations across the globe are looking to Optika and Baanto’s ShadowSense Modular to enable the next phase of Group Collaboration. The combination of premier technology performance and track record position Optika’s Captivate Series as a go-to touch wall solution globally.
In locations across the UK and Ireland, BeaverGroup entrusted Baanto’s Modular to make a multi-touch video wall that functions in a bright light environment. The installation gives guests the opportunity to create a mood board for their own personal home projects. Pictures, interactive dials, and colour options work seamlessly with ShadowSense multitouch functionality for an intuitive and memorable experience.
Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger deployed Baanto’s Modular video wall across multiple European sites including the company’s flagship store in London. 2 x 3 and 3 x 3 display configurations were employed to deliver Tommy’s unique eye-catching content interactively and with sizzle.
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