ShadowSense Version 9.00 Is Here and It Means Business

In a continued effort to push our ShadowSense touch technology to the limits, we’ve just released a brand new firmware update that makes it perform better than ever.

The new features and improvements were added to address the demands of the corporate and learning markets for an intuitive and reliable collaborative experience.

Here are highlights of the firmware update:

  • 4K pen resolution – Separated pen and finger detection algorithms to allow smaller and more complex characters to be written.
  • Better pen detection – Pen up and down actions are determined using shadow transparency so short strokes (like dotting I’s and crossing t’s) aren’t connected.
  • Wake from sleep – A computer in sleep mode can now be woken up simply by touching and holding the screen.
  • Improved 10 point multi-touch – Everything from latency to the separation distance between touch points has been further optimized.

For more information about the latest version, contact your local technical representative.

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