Are You Maximizing Your Tradeshow and Outdoor Advertising ROI? Take a Look at How Interactive Walls Can Drive Performance.

In an effort to enhance the on-site experience and engage visitors through exciting and diverse ways, more organizations are investing their tech dollars into digital displays with multi-touch capabilities that encourage interaction, transforming their public spaces and workspaces into dynamic, productive environments. Often combining a variety of media content and information, large interactive displays have made a huge impact on how organizations communicate with everyone from employees to potential customers and clients.

  • In 2015 more than 7 million digital displays are expected to be in use, an increase of 2 million since 2010.
  • 70% of Americans see place-based video displays at least once a month, while 52% see them weekly.

With their impressive size and ability to display a variety of digital content, organizations are increasingly using interactive walls for digital displays that immediately grab peoples’ attention, invite interaction and increase brand recognition.

If you design large interactive displays, you know there are many touch screen and display technologies that can be integrated into your products, but choosing the right touch screen display technology for your customers depends on staying informed about how new innovations can create an even better user experience.

Here we look at some creative applications for interactive walls and how new touch screen technology can help you design better, more reliable products for your customers.

Tradeshow Exhibits

With the way people interact with their smartphones and tablets, it is easy to understand how video walls with touch detecting capabilities are becoming more prevalent in tradeshows and exhibit spaces.  When you can recreate that same intuitive, visual and tactile dynamic for organizations, it has the power to connect visitors to their exhibit in transformative ways and creates opportunities.

Interactive tradeshow exhibits can really help organizations create a compelling brand personality and voice that gets people interested in learning more about what you have to offer.

  • The average attendee spends 8.3 hours reviewing trade show exhibits at a show or exhibition.
  • 83% of exhibitors agreed that “Building, expanding brand awareness” is a high-priority marketing-related objective for tradeshows.

Creating products for interactive tradeshow exhibits that help organizations stand out from the background noise and increase brand awareness is not easy.  Many large format touch screen products, specifically those that utilize capacitive technology, only allow visitors to use their fingers to control the touch interface, which often results in poor multi-touch response and tracking.  And in tradeshow environments, where an interactive exhibit needs to be easy-to-use, responsive to multi-touch inputs, and reliable enough to withstand frequent use, many touch screen technologies are simply not up to the task.

If a successful tradeshow exhibit depends on attracting the most visitors with compelling content that is memorable and informative, your products need to offer organizations a high degree of functionality with capabilities that facilitate the most engaging visitor interactions.

Tradeshow exhibits that use video walls equipped with ShadowSenseTM technology create more chances for visitors to interact with an exhibit because any object can be used to engage the content, so there are no barriers to interaction.  Furthermore, they can detect multiple touch inputs simultaneously without any decrease in accuracy or performance, which makes for a much more satisfying user experience.

For example, an organization could have a tradeshow exhibit with a touch capable wall that streamed the latest information about their products, while allowing multiple visitors to virtually compare and customize products with different colors and options in real-time, using their hands.

Outdoor Displays

One of the main obstacles organizations face when it comes to attracting new business is simply getting people outside their locations interested enough to come inside and see what products and services are available to purchase.  That is why organizations have traditionally relied on outdoor displays to advertise new products and entice customers with special promotions.  But rather than invest in static displays that only offer visual information, more organizations are focusing their advertising efforts on large outdoor digital displays that can create multi-sensory experiences for their potential customers.  Given how people respond to digital content, it is easy to understand why.

  • 80% of consumers have entered a store because a digital sign caught their interest.
  • 41% of consumers choose to shop at locations because they provide digital signage.

As interactive outdoor displays become more common, it will be crucial for organizations to make sure that that they are engaging potential visitors with eye-catching content that offers them more than just something to look at.  This will require touch screen products that can scale to large sizes and that can also operate continuously throughout the day.

Given these challenges it is imperative that your products offer high resolution and seamless touch functionality that is free from tracking and detection errors.  Aside from needing to be able to withstand harsh lights and direct sunlight, your outdoor displays should also be capable of continuous operation even in bad weather.

The problem with designing large interactive outdoor displays using capacitive and resistive touch technologies is the way they depend on elements in the screen to detect touch inputs.  This makes them susceptible to performance issues such as lag, ghosting, and false input detection, which can really impact their scalability.

However, outdoor displays equipped with ShadowSense technology function regardless of lighting conditions, and the presence of water, dirt, or other debris on the display surface does not impact their operation in any way.  This makes them great for organizations that are looking for technology that can work in busy retail environments.

For example, an organization with a retail location in a high-traffic area could create an interactive outdoor display that combines an inventory information center with promotional advertising to get more foot traffic into their store.

When you can design reliable outdoor display products like interactive walls that offer organizations and their visitors a meaningful and entertaining experience, more people will want to know about what your business can offer them.

If you’d like to learn how interactive walls or large format displays can be leveraged in your business to maximize your marketing ROI, get in touch with a Baanto consultant today.   To learn more about the unique features we have click the banner to the left and download our ShadowSense benefits PDF which outlines all our unique capabilities.

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