Signing the Dotted Line for Corporate Digital Signage

In an era where higher engagement directly correlates to higher brand visibility, digital signage has taken a step up from simply acting as a vehicle for distributing information– It’s evolved into a complete platform, captivating the audience and encouraging engagement. Over a quarter of organizations deem ‘multichannel campaign management’ as one of their top priorities, and brands need to stand out to be heard over both the digital noise and traditional methods to keep at the forefront of trends and consumer behaviours. They need to connect and adapt to survive. Digital signage has a 47.7% effectiveness for brand awareness, and corporate digital signage is simply a way to take advantage of the flexibility offered by advances in audio and video technology to integrate enriched content instead of static images.  Digital signage solutions in reception areas, lobbies and other commercial spaces increase the value of your company’s brand and assets, and the way that visitors and employees interact with the space around them, offering more opportunities for engagement and revenue. Read on to discover why corporate digital signage in your commercial office space yields ROI.

Heightened Brand Awareness in Lobbies and Reception Areas

Society as a whole has become accustomed to digital media; and because digital signage is a much more dynamic, multimedia-based communications channel, it’s very effective in harnessing an audience’s comfort level with multimedia, creating a more engaging experience. From personalized visitor greetings to incorporating live information like weather, traffic and stock prices, digital signage in lobbies and reception areas provides a first impression and an optimized experience that engages on a much higher level than traditional messaging– and also reduces perceived wait times. Content can also be updated quickly and seamlessly through software applications, allowing for timely and targeted communication. Placing corporate digital signage near elevators in the reception area and featuring company information along with news and weather updates allows your brand to capitalize on a highly trafficked area during periods of waiting.

Increased Communication in an Open Environment

Many corporations will agree that the age of the cubicle is beginning to take its last breath. Commercial office spaces are starting to do away with formal communication barriers, making inter-office communication easier and more timely. Digital signage installations throughout departments offers valuable information to be conveyed across all silos without employees having to check their emails.

Multi-Location Communication

Access to information can be critical to an organization. Corporate digital signage within offices in multiple locations allows for communication to flow in real-time, offering valuable information to each location as it is released. Companies can create a unified communications network that is secure, scalable, flexible and easy to manage − the power of an enterprise-class digital signage infrastructure.

Increase Employee Morale with Social Connectivity

Corporate digital signage in lunch rooms, board rooms, conference rooms and other areas of your office space can also feature internal communications with content targeted to employees. Social media integration into digital signage at the office can also be leveraged to promote company events and updates with social streams and hashtags. Companies are utilizing digital signage to maximize branding, values, culture and reach with real-time messaging to engage and boost employee morale. A recent survey conducted by Career Insights states that companies where the majority of their employees are highly engaged experienced a 19.2% improvement in operating income last year; whereas companies with disengaged employees saw operating costs worsen by 32.7%. Motivating employees with personalized content or company information through digital signage is an attractive and easy way to motivate your team.

The Environment: Getting Greener

Sustainability is a corporate responsibility all brands should incorporate into their everyday business operations. Incorporating corporate digital signage into your marketing plan will also significantly add to becoming greener. Because digital signage doesn’t require the use of paper for printing, there is no need to dispose of old messaging when they become outdated. This is an important plus for increasingly green-aware customers and the environment as a whole.

Keep Control of Dynamic Content at a Cost-Effective Rate

Integrating corporate digital signage as part of a multi-channel marketing strategy allows you to create a platform for unlimited marketing content, campaigns and promotions. According to a recent study, 63% of consumers report that digital signage captures their attention more than traditional signage. This percentage is significantly higher than TV, Internet and billboard advertising. Corporate digital signage enables brands to make frequent, rapid changes to the messaging conveyed to an audience. The most important benefit of the dynamic content control enabled through digital signage is that it eliminates the expense of having to print, discard and re-post new content as it becomes available. Given the drastic price drops on LCD and plasma displays as well as media players (usually a PC) in the past few years, it has become much more practical to deploy digital signage in locations previously exclusive to traditional printed messaging.

Conclusion on Digital Signage

Adding corporate digital signage to your marketing campaign displays a strong corporate commitment to culture and brand identity; providing staff and visitors with the ability to be more productive by saving time and labour costs from an efficient signage campaign is a major benefit. They make current events, meeting information, emergency information, as well as safety and health messages easy to access and have the ability to boost company morale while reducing operating costs.

Baanto offers both mid-sized and large format touch screens which can be used as touch displays in lobbies, shop floors, meeting rooms and kiosks. To learn more about corporate digital signage and other tech-related trends, breakthroughs and game-changers, join our community of engaged in-the-knowers and contact us today, to get connected with insights from the industry’s movers and shakers.

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