Baanto™ and Syngrafii join Forces for Ultra Low-Cost, Mobile E-Signing Tablet

Toronto, ON, January 8th, 2010 – Av Utukuri, CEO of Baanto™ and Matthew Gibson, President of Syngrafii (formerly LongPen) are pleased to announce that they are combining forces to produce a radical new technology.

The Baanto™ technology, developed by Nytric™, utilizes a revolutionary low-cost, low-energy-draw shadow-tracking system in a variety of ways: for multi-touch screens with a large number of applications, for interactive whiteboards, for games, and for physical rehabilitation.

About Baanto

Baanto™ is a Canadian corporation, based in Mississauga, Ontario that is marketing a revolutionary new tracking technology that can be used in a variety of 2D and 3D applications. The product will produce highly accurate results at a cost well below that of systems currently on the market. Baanto™ was established by Nytric™ Ltd in 2009 for the purpose of commercialisation of the proprietary motion capture technology invented by them, and which is now the core of Baanto™ products.

Syngrafii is a Canadian technology and solutions firm, based in Toronto, that specializes in the development of handwriting and biometric identification solutions. Syngrafii’s recent developments open up a new world of mobile and at home banking, electronic commerce, and government service applications. While refining the original LongPen technology, Syngrafii crafted the basis for a system whereby any user can provide positive identification and simultaneously execute binding contracts in an open, online environment.

Nytric™ is a lead ing Innovation Consulting Firm that creates cutting edge technologies which turn innovative ideas into successful products. Located in Mississauga Ontario, Nytric™ was founded in 1999. Nytric™ offers a unique business model that assists clients in rapidly bringing their products to market in the most technologically innovative, cost-effective manner. Nytric™ provides full service – from concept, engineering through to manufacturing and retail packaging services to their clients.

The Syngrafii/Baanto™ Tablet

Baanto™ and Syngrafii have melded their technologies to develop a low-cost mobile signing tablet that will have multiple applications, including mBanking (mobile banking), phone-to-phone Point of Sale trading, and secure remote document signing
while maintaining the ability to “go back to paper” and print legally defensible hard copy documents at any time.

The new tablet will be compatible with all applications that utilize interactive pen displays (tablet technology), while providing enhanced functionality at a reduced cost. Current interactive pen displays use a variety of technologies whose high cost has kept them out of the mainstream. The Syngrafii/Baanto™ tablet is targeted to cost less than $100.00 , thereby providing an elegant and robust alternative to today’s expensive technologies to a global market.

The tablet may also be used as a stand-alone alternative in most situations that are being served by tablets utilizing existing touch technology, such as resistive, capacitive and acoustic wave. The lowest cost for such tablets is currently $800 – a cost that many have tried to lower, without success. Current touch and tablet technologies in addition to being prohibitively expensive have many drawbacks which the Baanto™ technology addresses elegantly.

In addition, the Syngrafii/Baanto™ combination can add capabilities to eReaders in a cost effective and power conserving way that they do not at present possess.

Strategic Investments

Syngrafii, has invested in Baanto™, and Nytric™, the firm that established Baanto™ in 2009, has agreed to invest in Syngrafii. This strategic investment relationship will provide a mutually beneficial working arrangement that will rapidly advance the combined product and service offerings of the companies.

Margaret Atwood, who launched the LongPen™ back in 2005 as a method for signing books remotely, says, “I’m delighted by this new development. Its low cost and simple increased security will enable economies to unfold in the developing world by paths that are presently blocked.”

Av Utukuri, CEO of Baanto™ says, “The partnering of Baanto™ technology with Syngrafii expertise in the area of signature validation signals an exciting step forward in the use of advanced technology for the prevention of fraudulent activity. In particular, the low entry point cost of Baanto™ hardware now makes such security a possibility in areas that were hitherto excluded due to price.

Matthew Gibson, President of Syngrafii comments, “Syngrafii’s investment and joint research, development and commercialization of the Baanto™ Tracking Technology represents an enormous leap forward in our firm’s efforts to provide a low cost, user friendly method for consumers and businesses to leverage the advantages that biomechanically accurate writing provides in every day transactions. Syngrafii’s exclusive access to the high resolution writing vertical of this innovative and ground breaking technology will allow the company to realize its goal of becoming the trusted provider of security and identity certainty on the internet, cheaply, securely, and intuitively.”

A press conference and prototype demonstration of the new tablet is targeted to take place in Toronto in mid-February.

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