Baanto and Titan 4 Games to Lead the Shift in Coin-Op Gaming

Baanto™ Inc. and Titan 4 Games have reached an understanding that will enable the two companies to bring a revolutionary new HID (human interface device) and touchscreen technology to the coin-op industry. Titan has agreed to use the Baanto™ MultiTouch Screen and the Baanto Gaming Wand to create games that will offer more unique gaming experiences and be able to appeal to a larger, more diverse audience. The high resolution and fidelity of the Baanto technology will allow the user to interact with, and “feel” the game like never before.

“We believe new gaming devices will impact the coin-op industry as they have in the consumer gaming market. As Nintendo’s Wii Stick changed the consumer gaming industry, we believe the Baanto Wand™ will have as significant an impact on the outof-home industry,” said Titan CEO Milind Bharvirkar. “This technology exceeds the expectations of operators and gamers alike. Mr. Utukuri (CEO of Baanto) and I have an excellent history of making hit video games, and Baanto will be a valued partner in assisting us to move our industry forward.”

“It’s our belief that we will provide the cost effective, high precision HID that Titan was looking for,” said Baanto CEO Av Utukuri. “A new gaming device such as the Baanto Wand™ will bring a new genre of games to the coin op market. There are an endless amount of games that can be created for the wand. We are excited to engage with Titan and Mr. Bharvirkar. We are certain they will bring the creative vision to marry with this technology.”

Titan 4 Games is a world class gaming company that is redefining the digital entertainment arena in the out-of-home amusement industry. Based in Tampa, Florida, Titan boasts an expert team with an accomplished track record, a unique partnership with the technology gurus at Baanto, and amazing core technologies allowing them to offer new genres in gaming to the industry.

Baanto is a Canadian corporation, based in Mississauga, Ontario that is marketing a revolutionary new tracking technology, which can be used in a variety of 2D and 3D applications. The product is highly accurate and cost effective when compared to systems currently on the market. Baanto has 6 patent filings completed and a further 22 in process.

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