Baanto Launches New Additions to ShadowSense

Leveraging the strength of the ShadowSense™ position sensing technology, the E-Series family provides multi-touch options and capabilities for kiosk, gaming, Industrial, ATM, PC and PC monitor markets.

Mississauga, Ontario, November 10th, 2011 – Baanto International Ltd. (“Baanto” or the “Company”) a leading independent manufacturer of touchscreen and position sensing technologies and products, today announced the production release of three new members of the
ShadowSense E Series touchscreen family.  Available now, the 17” (5:4 aspect ratio), 19” Wide (16:10 aspect ratio), and 22” Wide (16:10 aspect ratio) designs round out the product offering of ELO-compatible, open frame touchscreens.

Supporting up to five (5) simultaneous touch inputs, the E Series touchscreens are optimized to provide robust and cost-effective multi-touch performance and gesture recognition in applications currently using the ELO 1739L, 1937L, 1938L, 1939L, and 2239L family of touchscreens, providing customers with an easy and cost-effective multi-touch replacement for the aging, single-touch SAW technology.

The E Series touch performance is exceptional as the design features a touch response time of 6 to 8 milliseconds and touch detection of objects as small as 2 mm in diameter. The ShadowSense algorithms are extremely efficient and all touchpoint processing is performed by the touch controller. As a result, the interface to the host PC is a Windows® 7   USB HID packet, requiring no drivers and resulting in no consumption of CPU resources.   As a perimeter-based technology, the ShadowSense touch sensor is independent of the protective glass, resulting in brighter displays, immunity to casual scratches and debris on the screen, vandal-resistant operation, and features IP65 sealing to resist dust and fluid intrusion.

Available now, the new touchscreens can be used as a replacement in chassis and systems that already incorporate the open frame monitor product line from ELO TouchSystems. Competitively priced for single-touch SAW units, the Baanto ShadowSense E Series offers multi-touch performance, advanced features, and improved reliability in a mechanically compatible footprint.

“The ShadowSense technology provides end users touch features never before available in a touch system”; states Av Utukuri, Baanto CTO and Founder; “Customers in different market segments have significantly different needs in touchscreen behaviour, yet other technologies only offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution.  Our proprietary algorithms calculate not just position, but also touch object size and transmissivity.  This additional data allows us to configure the touch screen behaviour to better meet the challenges of real-world use models.  For example, POS systems require high performance and need to respond to touch objects ranging from fingers, to credit cards or pens, yet are typically used in an indoor environment with a limited number of trained users.  Kiosks on the other hand, will be used by a large number of random users and require robust performance in challenging environments that may include sunlight operation, rain, debris on the screen, and potential exposure to random acts of vandalism.  Baanto products have always been designed for challenging environments and now we provide the ability to adapt the touchscreen performance to a specific use model through a simple dashboard

“The release of three new products in our E Series family provides our customers have additional flexibility in replacing the older, single-touch SAW products they have been using.” observed Joe Kotas, Baanto CEO; ” The ShadowSense E series family allows them to transition to a multi-touch technology that provides better optical performance, better durability, and better reliability without changing the design of existing chassis or systems that currently use the ELO open frame monitors.  In addition, the ability to configure the touchscreen behaviour to better suit their end market requirements allows our customers to eliminate a number of issues that plague competing technologies.  The fact that we provide this value at a lower cost than current solutions is obviously appealing as well.”

Available now in 17” (5:4 aspect ratio), 19” (5:4 aspect ratio), 19” Wide (16:10 aspect ratio), and 22” Wide (16:10 aspect ratio), the ShadowSense E Series touchscreens are industrial quality and are specifically designed for long-life, high-usage applications where multi-touch functionality, display quality and reliability are critical.

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About Baanto ShadowSense

Baanto International Ltd. is a leading developer of innovative, high-performance, and accurate 2D and 3D position sensing solutions. Baanto is developing products incorporating both active and passive implementations of its technologies for touchscreens, interactive whiteboards, and 3D biodynamic tracking for medical rehabilitation and sports training applications. Baanto has a direct and partner presence in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, enabling it to provide its customers with proven technical and sales support worldwide. More information on Baanto can be obtained at

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