Baanto Partners with Egan TeamBoard to Develop Full Range of ShadowSense Interactive Whiteboard Products

Leveraging the strength of the ShadowSenseposition sensing technology, TeamBoard® and Baanto™ are developing a new family of Interactive Whiteboard products to take advantage of the high performance, cost-effective multi-touch ShadowSense technology.

Toronto, Canada, September 25, 2012

Baanto International Ltd. (“Baanto™” or the “Company”) a leading independent manufacturer of touchscreen and position sensing technologies and Egan TeamBoard Inc., a leader in Interactive Whiteboard technology and products today announced a formal agreement between the two companies to develop a full range of interactive whiteboard products based upon the Baanto ShadowSense touch technology.

The family will launch with three models and aspect ratios matched to market requirements.   All of the designs are optimized to provide robust and effective touch tracking, multi-touch performance and gesture recognition, providing customers with multiple choices for a high performance interactive whiteboard solution.  Combined with the existing TeamBoard Suite of software and productivity tools, users will soon be able to deploy one of the most powerful multi-touch, interactive whiteboard solutions available.

The touch performance is exceptional as the designs feature a touch response time of 6 to 8 milliseconds and with full multi-touch tracking and reporting.  ShadowSense technology features extremely robust ambient light rejection, allowing TeamBoard whiteboards to be deployed in brighter environments without concern about sunlight interference from windows or skylights, a constraint other competitive units specifically warn against.

“We evaluated a variety of options for our multi-touch technology products”; states Sean Brown, TeamBoard General Manager;   “and any solution selected had to be consistent with our 19 years of supplying robust, responsive, direct touch human computer interaction.   Baanto ShadowSense was chosen for a number of very compelling reasons.  The incredible high performance of the touch detection and tracking allows for a more natural writing style, a critical element when customers are engaged with an interactive whiteboard.  Presenters – of all ages – want to focus on the task at hand, not constantly try to accommodate the peculiarities of competitive, complex touch technologies.   In like fashion, the high ambient light immunity allows our customers to use the whiteboard where it’s most effective for the venue, not where you have to find “a location that’s protected from bright sunlight” like some of our competitors.  Our Total Mobile solutions simply can’t be constrained by a touch technology that ceases to function in bright environments.  Overall, this next generation TeamBoard will offer the most natural and fluid interactive whiteboard experience yet.  This unique high performance combined with the class-leading architecture of the Baanto ShadowSense technology will result in one of the most attractive multi-touch solutions on the market, for presenters, educators worldwide, an investment that makes sense in today’s environment.”

Joe Kotas, Baanto CEO, noted:  “Our current, more traditional touchscreen products ably demonstrate the performance, scalability and cost effective nature of ShadowSense touch technology.  However, while similar in nature to other multi-touch applications, interactive whiteboard usage models impose different performance, environmental, and cost related challenges that ShadowSense touch is uniquely capable of meeting”.  “Partnering with Egan TeamBoard is not just a great opportunity to expand the reach of our technology, it also allows Baanto to work with an innovative company that can and will exploit the unique features of ShadowSense to best create an outstanding user experience.”

With a production release planned for Q1 2013, see for more information and updates.

About Baanto

Baanto International Ltd. is a leading developer of innovative, high performance, and accurate 2D and 3D position sensing solutions.  Baanto is developing products incorporating both active and passive implementations of its technologies for touchscreens and interactive white boards in sizes ranging from 8” to over 266”. Baanto has a direct and partner presence in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, enabling it to provide its customers with proven technical and sales support worldwide.

Baanto™ and ShadowSense™ are trademarks of Baanto International Limited.

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About TeamBoard

Egan TeamBoard Inc. is a global leader in creating, manufacturing, supplying and supporting leading edge interactive technology for education, training, business and government. With TeamBoard’s interactive whiteboards, your finger is the mouse creating an engaging experience for audiences of all ages. Jointly designed with educators, professionals and facility experts, TeamBoard has become an award-winning interactive whiteboard.

TeamBoard is committed to no hassle customer service, environmentally responsible design, quality, value and timeliness and is registered to the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System standards.  TeamBoard interactive whiteboards carry GREENGAURD Children & Schools™ certification.

TeamBoard is a registered trademark of Egan TeamBoard, Inc.

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