Baanto Releases New Multi-Touch Technology Demonstrations

Baanto™ Inc has just released a series of new technology videos that highlight some of the advanced capabilities of the multi-touch system.

The new 19″ multi-touch LCD demonstrates the accurate finger touch manipulation capabilities of the Baanto™ solution. Using Microsoft Windows 7, Baanto™ technology is faster and more reliable than other commercially available systems.

Baanto™ technology is fully scalable from 6″ to 100″. You can see a 42″ screen equipped with Baanto™ technology showing the fully interactive multi-touch capability being used to draw cartoons. Whilst this is being demonstrated is being used on an LCD screen, the same technology can be used in an interactive whiteboard setting.

In a training or collaborative environment, Baanto™ technology can be used on an LCD or whiteboard. It’s true multi-touch capabilities allow for collaborative input using multi-colored styli.

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