Baanto announces the appointment of new CEO

Mississauga, ON, May 3rd, 2010 – Baanto™ Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Joe Kotas to the position of Chief Executive Officer of the company. Mr. Kotas brings with him over 25 years of executive management, technology, and business development in display, system, and semiconductor technology companies. Mr. Kotas was most recently Vice President of Business Development – Display and Embedded Products, at SMART Modular Technologies (NASDAQ: SMOD). Prior to SMART, he was the President & CEO of ConXtra, a product design company acquired by SMART in 2005. Mr. Kotas has a successful history of serial entrepreneurship and technology sales positions, including VP of World-Wide Sales at Actineon, Managing Partner of Criterion Sales, and various sales, management, and engineering positions at Waferscale, Inc., Monolithic Memories, and Lockheed.

Mr. Kotas received his BSME from Illinois Institute of Technology and holds a MS Engineering (Dept. of Electrical Engineering) from Santa Clara University.

Baanto tracking systems, which are based on a breakthrough in optical sensor technology and its application to object tracking, are capable of producing highly effective and accurate tracking of active or passive objects at a cost well below that of systems currently on the market. Baanto™ technology allows for true multi-touch applications without compromising speed (up to 10,000 FPS), or fidelity and at a cost significantly lower than its competitors. The technology can be used as a cost-effective direct replacement for almost every current touch technology yet offers considerable performance improvements. The simplicity and effectiveness of Baanto technology also offer significant advantages over competing technologies across a range of applications that include Gaming, Interactive Whiteboards and Rehabilitation.

Baanto is a Canadian corporation, based in Mississauga, Ontario that is marketing a revolutionary new tracking technology, which can be used in a variety of 2D and 3D applications. The product will produce highly accurate results at a cost well below that of systems currently on the market.

Baanto was established by Nytric Ltd in 2009 for the purpose of commercialization of the proprietary motion capture technology invented by them, which is now the core of Baanto™ products. Patent assignment and IP transfer from Nytric to Baanto™ was completed Q4, 2009, with 6 patent filings completed and a further 22 in process.

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