Boost Collaboration and Productivity Amongst Your Team. Interactive Conference Room Displays can pave the Way.

Boosting productivity and promoting collaboration in today’s fast paced organizations doesn’t come with a single, definitive, end-all solution. But even so, modernizing the highly trafficked conference room comes pretty close. One way to accomplish this is by creating a communication hub that links people together to brainstorm, solve problems and improve decision-making processes; and more and more CEOs are beginning to look past the traditional conference room displays. Innovation creates engagement, and increasing employee engagement investments by 10% can increase profits by $2,400 per employee, per year. Employers are rapidly catching on to the positive ROI of investing in their employee engagement efforts. According to Bersin and Associates, the current annual employee engagement spend in the US is $720 million. Bersin expects this spend to increase drastically to about $1.5 billion.

The way in which organizations are making decisions and the meeting rooms that support corporate productivity are rapidly changing. The era of the cubicle is an extinction many can see coming. Brands are pushing towards enhanced corporate communications and ways in which to ensure more effective team collaboration. Taking advantage of the current trends in touch screen technology for conference room displays offers a richer, deeper, more immersive communication in group settings. Today’s offices are becoming more technology oriented than ever. Here’s why investing in touch screen technology for your conference room can help engage employees and stakeholders and offer you ROI.

Technology Costs are Within Reach

The corporate world is reaping the benefits of the economics that are associated with consumer digital advances. As a result, companies investing in large touch screens in the boardroom are getting a completely new, broader and richer perspective of their business status with content presented through videos, pictures and text, at cost-effective rates.  Commercial digital displays, up to larger scale displays for the digital signage and pro-AV markets, are more in demand now than ever before. As a result, prices are dropping across the board for digital displays.  Some of today’s solutions sell for far less than the $10,000 price point, making it easier for decision makers to justify implementations for small conference rooms and satellite offices.

Decision Makers can Connect Remotely

How often have you had to reschedule a meeting because someone was out of office or at a different satellite location? A modernized conference room can help facilitate faster and more efficient decision making. It can often take days or weeks to schedule face to face meetings with stakeholders, and conference room displays with audio and visual, screen sharing and other two way communication functions will get everyone in the room, reducing the time required to move through decisions. This improves the chances of getting to the forefront of new opportunities before competitors do, as well as addressing problems before they become unmanageable. Close communication with customers, constituents, partners and contractors throughout the global supply chain is becoming increasingly important for organizations that want to closely manage schedules and budgets. Today’s touch screen technology for conference rooms can draw people in no matter where in the world they happen to be at meeting time — as long as they have internet access.

Flat Presentations Become Interactive Experiences

Bringing audio, visuals and touch screen technology into the boardroom dramatically revamps the PowerPoint presentation. Presentations can become more interactive and collaborative with real-time markups and annotations from conference participants, often using the same applications and tools that they would use on their desk. Highly engaged employees are 38% more likely to have above-average productivity. Touch screen panels in today’s conference room displays are as easy to use as the average touch and swipe controls on your mobile device.

Current Solutions Offer Cutting-Edge Performance and Dynamic Capabilities

There are solutions available that allows for your presentation to “jump off the page” while also solving current errors plaguing the industry. Conference room displays are not only becoming more interactive, but also less problem free. ShadowSenseTM technology from Baanto can detect dirt, oil and debris while simultaneously differentiating them from user input. This is ideal for conferences where users might have coffee, water, or lunch served and allows the presentation to continue, even if the screen gets smudged.

Baanto’s patented technology has made powerful advances in minimizing response time and errors, which is crucial for touch devices in conference settings that must run smoothly and accurately during time sensitive campaigns. Multi-touch detection allows many inputs at a time without causing errors which also increases presentation possibilities immensely and even enables two or more presenters to operate the same device without sacrificing performance.

With pinpoint precision and the ability to even detect the size of objects making inputs, your conference room displays will operate with the ability to differentiate between a finger, a stylus or an eraser. This allows presenters to use Windows applications like PowerPoint or OneNote natively without any additional software or drivers.

Globally, according to analysts at IHS, the worldwide shipment of touch-screen panels is set to double in 2016, reaching 3 billion units as a wide range of products incorporate this technology; and the growth patterns in touch devices is spilling over into an increasing demand for touch capabilities on large-format displays. Projections show annual increases of 30% in large-format interactive touch displays in the near future.  If your competitors are leveraging touch to optimize and gain an edge, what is keeping your business from doing the same? Contact us today for more insights and solutions on how to maximize your team’s productivity and engagement to drive higher profits.

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