Canada’s Baanto Advancing the Touchscreen Industry by Signing New and Significant International Deals

MISSISSAUGA, ON, January 6, 2016 – Baanto™ International Ltd. (Baanto), the innovators and makers of ShadowSense™ touchscreen technology, today reveals that new deals, partnerships and expansion into new territories with existing clients is positioning the Canadian technology company as a leader in the touchscreen industry.

“Last year, Baanto signed deals that will see this next generation of touchscreen technology continue to benefit industry leading businesses in Canada and across the globe,” says Avanindra Utukuri, CTO and Executive Chairman of Baanto. “In 2015, Baanto ShadowSense was incorporated into L-3 avionic displays, placed in Toshiba and NEC monitors, and it was used in major U.S. and Canadian television studios. It’s currently featured in Cineplex theatres, built into video arcade machines, appears at retailers and more. Baanto also expanded its original ShadowSense deal with NEC Europe to now include the U.S. market,” Utukuri adds. “In every one of these cases, ShadowSense was chosen because its technology is uniquely designed to outperform all other touchscreen technologies, particularly in demanding situations and challenging operating environments, yet operate with the most accuracy.”

Unlike traditional touchscreens that utilize expensive glass overlays and sensors, ShadowSense’s patented technology is perimeter-based. It solves many of the technical shortcomings, namely delayed response time, protective glass impacting display brightness, and disruptions created by scratches and debris on screens. It does this by rethinking the traditional hardware and software algorithms commonly used in optical touch solutions. Its position-sensing algorithms have allowed the brand to create low-cost, high-performance sensor architectures that avoid the ghosting, obscuration and ‘dead zones’ that plague solutions currently on the market. ShadowSense’s touch performance boasts a response time as low as six milliseconds, and detection of objects as small as two millimeters in diameter.

Baanto believes ShadowSense is the MOST accurate touchscreen option on the market; it can even be configured to acknowledge certain touches while eliminating others. For example, ShadowSense can eliminate accidental touches, non-specified tools and even water drops or blood in medical
applications. It is intelligent, scalable, cost-effective multi-touch technology that has the industry rethinking traditional touch technology.

“Baanto is on track to triple its revenue in 2015 over 2014,” says Utukuri. ““We are currently finalizing additional deals including an agreement with Advantech, one of the largest electronics companies in Taiwan, and others. We anticipate our 2016 growth will exceed 2015’s improvement over 2014,” he says.

About Baanto
Baanto International Ltd. is a leading developer of innovative, high-performance and cost-effective touch-sensing solutions. Baanto develops products incorporating both active and passive implementations of its ShadowSense technology for touchscreens, and educational and boardroom solutions in sizes ranging from 8 inches to more than 267 inches. Baanto has both direct and partner presence in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, enabling it to provide its customers with unrivaled technical and sales support worldwide.

For more information or to view a video demonstration of Baanto’s ShadowSense technology, visit or contact:

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