Better Patient Care Lies in Using Better Technology

The world of healthcare sees numerous technologies that aim to increase the quality of patient care and revolutionize a doctor’s job. While a number of these technologies are great examples of how medicine is becoming more intuitive, the basics to all of these machines are the screens that are attached to them.

Through new technology we can gain more insight and develop new methods of treating old diseases, but smart technology such as touch medical screens add extra functionality to make these machines even more intuitive.

More intuitive technology provides doctors with all the knowledge necessary to treat patients to the best of their ability and better. As this technology grows within the healthcare space, there has also been a growing emphasis on the need for Healthcare IT Services to help manage, monitor, and maintain this new tech.

Technology is Already Revolutionizing Patient Care

While the world of healthcare held their breath in 2013 with the invention of Google Glass and all that it could potentially represent for surgeons and doctors, the smart glasses fell flat over a year ago and nothing has yet surfaced that comes close to what Google promised us the Glass would be capable of.

Things like easily taking pictures, recording video or audio, and giving the wearer updates on a patient’s vitals, or even training or procedure information would better educate surgeons, free up their time transcribing procedure notes, and therefore give them more time to focus on their patients’ needs.

The possibilities of what it could do for surgeons wasn’t lost on those of us creating technology for healthcare, however. Inspired by future possibilities of robot-assisted surgery and advancements in diagnostic imaging; touch-enabled, medical-grade monitors have complete interactivity that enables doctors access to information stored on any operating system attached to the EMI shielded and IP sealable frames. With the advancement in operating room technology, more and more healthcare clinics are turning to EMR consulting to ensure that all of the technology and equipment are optimized.

Medical screens in hospitals require constant sterilization and cleaning, especially touch screens, and easy-to-clean touch technology that is IP65 rated makes this process quick and easy.

The New Normal in Hospitals

The prevalence of hybrid operating rooms in hospitals is expected to grow by 17% from 2015-2021. A hybrid OR features a number of impressive devices that offer additional imaging functionalities paired with technology to minimize the invasiveness of cardiac procedures.

Patients benefit from the coupling of these technologies by receiving quick care without the invasiveness of open surgery.

According to Lakeland Regional Health, “Patients who undergo procedures in a Hybrid Operating Room typically experience less trauma, less scarring, a shorter hospital stay, and faster rehabilitation.” In these cases, doctors rely on imaging from medical screens in front of them to properly complete a procedure. The importance of the screen being bright and easy to see despite viewing angle or ambient light is integral to the success of the procedure and the health of the patient.

Research by Occams Business Research and Consulting firm suggests that cardiovascular episodes account for 31% of all in-hospital mortalities, but according to ECRI Institute US, 75% of cardiovascular surgeons will be working in a hybrid OR by 2018.

This increase in hybrid operating rooms and their accompanying technology requires the compatible touch technology to go with it.

Medical grade monitors using Baanto’s Shadowsense™ touch technology can be completely customized to be input agnostic, identifying the shape, size, and pressure of any object including latex gloves, scalpels, or other medical instruments. This customization allows for accurate zooming into an image, or even quick switching between programs to bring up patient files while in the emergency or operating room.

If you’ve been looking for a better solution to outfit healthcare monitors with touch capability, Baanto’s frame-based design ensures that screens are resilient against damage from scratches and debris. Get in touch with our team today to take advantage of the benefits of touch screen medical grade monitors.

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