Canadian Company Signs International Deal with L-3 Display Systems to Supply Touch Technology for Avionics Display

MISSISSAUGA, ON, October 28, 2015 – Baanto™ International Ltd., the innovators and makers of ShadowSense™ touch technology, announced today that they have signed a teaming agreement with L-3 Display Systems (L-3 DS), a worldwide leader in avionics displays, to develop ShadowSense-powered touchscreens for their military and commercial aircraft display systems. The agreement establishes a relationship that will offer a family of high-performance multi-touch avionics displays to be marketed to military and commercial aircraft customers.

“This agreement to adapt the existing Baanto ShadowSense touchscreen to our avionics displays will enhance the capabilities of our touchscreen-enabled products and increase market adoption of Baanto’s advanced technology,” said Bruce Coffey, president of L-3 Display Systems. “The advanced false touch/palm rejection features, gloved touch operation, and superior optical and EMI performance of the Baanto technology will give avionics customers a multi-touch capability that provides the intuitive and reliable user interface expected by today’s pilots.”

The Baanto ShadowSense multi-touch technology is geared toward larger display formats and is available in sizes from 12 inches to over 98 inches. The feature set and capabilities that customers expect in large-format cockpit displays are now complemented by five or more simultaneous touch points.

“We are excited to be working with L-3 to develop touchscreens that will empower flight crews to perform critical tasks faster, more accurately and with the utmost confidence,” said Avanindra Utukuri, CTO and executive chairman of Baanto International. “ShadowSense is designed to outperform all other touch technologies, especially in demanding situations and challenging operating environments. Having a globally recognized company such as L-3 select our technology for its next generation of products reinforces the quality and reliability of ShadowSense and its leadership in the industry.”

About Baanto

Baanto International Ltd. is a leading developer of innovative, high performance and cost effective touch sensing solutions. Baanto develops products incorporating both active and passive implementations of its ShadowSense technology for touchscreens, and educational and boardroom solutions in sizes ranging from 8 inches to over 267 inches. Baanto has both direct and partner presence in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, enabling it to provide its customers with unrivaled technical and sales support worldwide.

About L-3 Display Systems

L-3 DS is a division of L-3 Aviation Products (L-3 AP). L-3 AP is a leading provider of commercial and military avionics with unsurpassed performance, quality and customer support. L-3 AP manufactures a diverse line of safety- and efficiency-enhancing products that sets the standard for next-generation requirements, including configurable voice and data recorders, collision avoidance systems, navigation products, display systems and processors. L-3 AP also offers aftermarket services, including MRO, supply chain management and integrated logistics support for commercial and military systems. To learn more about L-3 Aviation Products, please visit

Baanto™ and ShadowSense™ are trademarks of Baanto International Limited. For more information visit:

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