Healthcare Touchscreen Monitors & Patient Kiosk Benefits

Baanto ShadowSense healthcare touchscreen monitor in Carl Zeiss' Humphrey Field Analyzer 3.

Healthcare touchscreen monitors & patient kiosks benefits will vary across the healthcare industry for both patients and healthcare providers and having the ability of a simple use of touch can make life a whole lot easier. Touch-based interfaces provide a universal language for our interaction with technology. They transcend educational levels, socioeconomic factors, and even language barriers. These intuitive devices offer the perfect medium for a variety of customer and patient functions, making them ideal in a healthcare setting, where individuals of many different backgrounds will come through the door on any given day.

Medical-grade Touchscreen Monitors Benefits

While touchscreens in medical offices are a popular addition to many assistive technology products for rehabilitative care, they are also prevalent in healthcare kiosks. These stations have many benefits:

  • Patients can use them to check in upon arrival for an appointment, adding their names to the queue and allowing for faster service upon arrival. They also make an influx of walk-in patients easier to handle by enabling them to do their own intake.
  • Enabling patient self-service for these functions allows staff members to focus energies and efforts more on aspects that will directly benefit the quality of patient care.
  • Many hospitals also use the patient kiosk interface as an educational tool, giving patients information about their departments and facilities so that they can direct themselves to appropriate areas of the hospital.

Aside from the kiosk functionality, many hospitals offer bedside medical-grade touchscreen products, which allow patients to do things like ordering their meals or pull up entertainment options while they wait or recover.

The technology found in ShadowSense™’s custom touchscreen solutions for healthcare is ideal for these types of medical functions. Our frames, which can be integrated into medical-grade touchscreen monitors, are durable and resilient. They are capable of withstanding many hours of consecutive use and wear and tear. This makes them ideal for continuous patient use and interaction. They can also be sealed in order to avoid penetration by fluid contaminants, which are often prevalent in medical and hospital environments. These are some of the features that led Carl Zeiss to incorporate Baanto’s ShadowSense™ technology into their Humphry Field Analyzer 3.

It is easier than ever and more cost-effective for hospitals and medical offices to upgrade their systems with custom touchscreen solutions for medical-grade monitors, healthcare touchscreens etc. Baanto’s ShadowSense™ solutions are easy to integrate, with plug-and-play functionality so that touchscreen capabilities are immediately ready to use. Learn more about healthcare touchscreen solutions here.

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