Nytric to Exhibit at OCE Discovery

MISSISSAUGA, ON – Marketwire – May 10, 2010 – Nytric Ltd. today announced that they will be showcasing new technologies at OCE Discovery 2010 which is happening in Toronto, Ontario 5/17/2010 – 5/18/2010. Nytric™ Ltd. will be presenting at booth # 614 and 616 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, where it will be possible to see live demonstrations of the Baanto™ single and multi-touch technology, as well as other unique projects such as Park Assist, a wireless parking management and guidance system, ChipCare a Lab-on-a-chip system for detection and monitoring of viral and parasitic infections and Raptor Innovations iRippit CD/DVD duplicator system that is currently in production with Nytric Ltd.

Nytric™ Ltd. provides research and development, turn-key product development and commercialization services all under one company, utilizing a unique business model that shares the risk with the client, and reduces the overall development time of the project, as well as guarantees product delivery dates and quality.

Visit Nytric™ Ltd. at OCE Discovery 2010 booth # 614 and 616 for more information.

Founded in 1999, Nytric is an innovation consulting and venture technology firm that turns pioneering ideas into successful products. The Nytric engineering team takes cutting-edge technologies from back-of-a-napkin sketches to fully-functional, marketable products. Nytric’s services span the engineering spectrum, from hardware and software design to electronics, mechanics and industrial design. The company also provides fixed-cost feasibility studies, assists clients with R&D funding applications, commercializes the finished product and coordinates off-shore or local manufacturing agreements. With a complete concept-to-market solution and a shared-risk financial model, Nytric is redefining innovation, providing innovators and inventors around the world with the resources necessary to create breakthrough technological innovation worldwide.

For more information, please visit www.baanto.com.

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