Panasonic Launches ShadowSense Displays

Panasonic has announced the integration of ShadowSense touch technology in versions of their high-end AF1 and LF80 displays. The AF1-SST and LF80-SST series of displays are available in 42, 49 and 55-inch sizes, and are aimed at the digital signage market.

ShadowSense provides Panasonic with a highly responsive and reliable multi-touch solution to complement their high-end public signage display ranges. The ability to reject surface debris and fluids, as well as high ambient light immunity, are just some of the features that make ShadowSense ideal for demanding applications where touchscreens are intended to work continuously 24/7 in high traffic places.

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Panasonic Introduces High-end Interactive Public Signage Display Range

Panasonic is set to introduce two new ranges of robust and accurate interactive displays, featuring ShadowSense™ Multi-Touch technology – perfect for public signage installations.

Panasonic will launch ShadowSense enabled versions of its AF1 and LF80 displays, which will be available in 42, 49 and 55-inch sizes. ShadowSense uses multiple sensors hidden in the display’s bezel to accurately track objects as they enter, hover or move out of a sensor’s range of view. It makes for a touch screen that is fast to respond and continues to work well in bright environments.

The AF1-SST are the company’s top-of-the-range digital signage displays, featuring the Android-based OpenPort PLATFORM™ as well as onboard storage and processing capacity, eliminating the need for an external computer. With the ability to run applications from the Google Play Store, the enhanced display has the capability for customers to run their own engaging and dynamic digital signage applications.

“The screens are intended to work continuously, 24/7, and support seamless operation,” said Product Marketing Manager Florence Antony. “The 700cd/m² brightness and the wide-angle provided by the IPS panel of the LF80-SST models make the screens easy to read in a bright environment.”

The LF80-SST range is also equipped with DIGITAL LINK™, which makes it possible to transmit video, audio and control signals over up to 150m with a single LAN cable. Other management features such as USB Cloning Function make these screens a reliable and effective signage solution, designed to engage visitors, customers or collaborators in a new dynamic way.

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