The Next Generation Of Meetings and Conferences

Meetings are an integral component of any business. It’s where you ideate, brainstorm, create and make decisions. With over 11 million meetings in the U.S. per day, making the most of that time with collaborative conference room technology can be an important contributor to business success.

Unfortunately, according to research by Atlassian, 91% of professionals admit to daydreaming during meetings, while 96% admit to missing them completely.

Outfitting your conference room with interactive whiteboards and touch screen technology can deliver an essential element of collaboration to ensure that your attendees remain focused and actually take away key items from your meeting.

As explained by professional speaking coaches, one key element of running successful meetings is to constantly gauge the interest and engagement of the attendees in the room. Touching base every 15 minutes to ask questions, seek answers, or simply opening the floor to encourage discussion ensures a fully engaged audience.

Previously, documents were only accessible from your desktop, laptop or tablet. Presentations included stagnant images or videos, and notes were taken individually to be shared later. Providing your employees with easily-accessible data ensures that you can easily discuss and change documents directly in the conference room. Meaning that meeting follow-up is minimal because everything has already been touched on and accounted for in the meeting itself. Meeting minutes can easily be shared afterwards, and all notes taken on the interactive whiteboard emailed directly to meeting attendees.

Increased Interaction Leads to Increased Productivity

PowerPoint presentations may always rule the boardroom. Now, instead of strictly focusing on presenting your work as stagnant images and text, you can bring it up on a screen and make notes and changes directly on the screen while discussing it with your peers.

The possibilities and benefits of conference room solutions that allow for collaboration are endless.

Productivity in the office can sometimes be as low as 40% per day, but when teams work together for a common goal, creativity and productivity soar.

  • Cisco, leaders in collaborative technology, announced that implementing collaboration techniques increased office productivity by 4.9%

Interactive conference room technology allows for multiple inputs at a time without any lag so that multiple people can work together, or present at once to ensure that presentations are as dynamic and engaging as possible.

More Saved Time

A survey of executives recently stated that as much as 50% of most meetings is wasted time. This could be caused by trying to figure out the technology to present, meaningless conversation, or repeating information for those that dozed off. Over 45% of executives feel overwhelmed by the number of meetings they are expected to attend a month, leaving little room to accomplish tasks and meet goals.

With better conference room solutions, you can cut out the wasted meeting time. Touch screen technology that intuitively acts in tandem with Microsoft programs easily allows for setup, and can be configured to recognize the inputs of different tools such as a pointer, stylus, or even an eraser.

Facilitates Remote Meetings

The Meeting Booster blog reports that there was a 500% increase in the number of remote meeting participation between 1988 and 1998. This trend is only ever going to continue as businesses establish a truly borderless work environment. Establishing conference room technology that allows for remote participation in a conference or meeting will only ensure that your workers continue being engaged.

Over 75% of executives meet remotely at least twice per week. Those are meetings that would have otherwise have been cancelled or rescheduled without conference room solutions that enable their involvement. Interactive technology ensures that you can video conference with meeting participants while the presenter or presenters can interact with documents as though everyone is in the room.

More Saved Money

The bottom line for every business is always of the utmost importance. Adding remote availability for your meetings and using the newest technologies can ensure that your meeting is as efficient as possible, resulting in the highest possible ROI.

Calculating the average hourly rate of the bodies in the room is just the tip of the iceberg in understanding how much money you’re wasting in meetings. Increasing efficiency through technology saves everyone time and stress.

  • The average salary cost of unnecessary meetings throughout the United States is $37 Billion.
  • Teleconferences or virtual events can save you anywhere between 50%-80% of your regular meeting costs

The initial cost of most technologies can be quite high. However, options such as Baanto’s perimeter-based overlays pay for themselves in their usefulness, time saved in shorter meetings because of an engaged staff, and less meeting follow-up time. It can be applied to any current display and is completely driverless, so it doesn’t require software installation before use.

Baanto’s ShadowsSense™ technology can help you achieve increased collaboration and more efficient meetings with conference room technology that’s designed with business in mind. The systems are scratch-resistant, interact natively with all Microsoft applications, and can be configured to accept touch inputs from any source such as a stylus, finger, or even an eraser.

Our touch screens offer quality performance with a minimal lag time that allows you and your employees to flick, swipe, pinch and tap your way through presentations, remaining engaging and collaborative throughout.

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