Baanto ShadowSense NVIS

Baanto’s ShadowSense™ NVIS Compliant Touchscreen Solution

NVIS devices offer unique challenges, both in their design and their operation. Baanto’s ShadowSense™ NVIS compatible touchscreen monitors have been designed and developed to overcome the challenges inherent with the use of modern NVIS devices.

Baanto Medical Grade Monitors and Touchscreen

Medical Grade Monitors & Touchscreens

Healthcare professionals have challenging, fast-paced jobs, and they require technology that can keep up with their demanding environment. This means technology that is easy to use, allows them access to essential data quickly, and adapts to a rapidly changing environment. Touch interfaces meet all of these criteria, turning typical medical grades monitors into interactive touchscreens …

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Baanto Ruggedized healthcare monitor

Healthcare Touchscreen Monitors & Patient Kiosk Benefits

Healthcare touchscreen monitors & patient kiosks benefits will vary across the healthcare industry for both patients and healthcare providers and having the ability of a simple use of touch can make life a whole lot easier. Touch-based interfaces provide a universal language for our interaction with technology. They transcend educational levels, socioeconomic factors, and even …

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Baanto's blog post on military touchscreen challenges

Military Touchscreen Challenges

Even under the umbrella of the military, there is a multitude of sub-environments that offer unique challenges over and above the broader ones. Military Touchscreens When it comes to military environments, one issue arises repeatedly; viewability. The need to have the maximum clarity and purest blacks is often a key demand. So how does this …

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Baanto ShadowSense vs. Ambient Lighting

ShadowSense vs. Ambient Lighting

IR-based Touchscreen Techonologies Ambient Lighting Rejection Today, the discussion is about how IR-based touchscreen technologies reject ambient light and what makes ShadowSense different. Even though IR-based touchscreen technologies offer many advantages, as you may be aware, most infrared touchscreens do not do well in outdoor environments as the sun is a strong source of IR …

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